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If you don't have goals, you don't have fulfillment

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Incredibly inspiring story about a guy with cerebral palsy who climbed El Capitan. I loved what he said about why he loved the outdoors: because then you find your REAL limitations, not those put on you by others.

That was an amazingly inspiring video.


He pulled himself up with his hands 20,000 times in six days.

That's... amazing... and utterly torturous:

"It was six days of just absolute torture and I would say awe-inspiring too," Wampler said.


"The pure exhaustion of six to eight hours of constant pull-up after pull-up after pull-up and the bright sunshine and the heat," Wampler said. "The whole adventure was, was just unbelievable."


Rock on, Steve.

Btw, I concur that it's important to have goals.


Another inspirational climbing story: Alex Honnold's Triple:

Dubbed the triple, the task would mean scaling the sheer walls of Mount Watkins, El Capitan and Half Dome for a total of about 7,000 vertical feet of rock. For all but about 500 feet of it, Honnold planned to climb with no ropes or safety equipment at all.

Read more.

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