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Investors who badmouth founders, investors who badmouth each other

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Uh... maybe pick up the phone and have a heart-to-heart, instead of putting this shit on blast with maximum drama? And does Shervin really think that this is PROTECTING Josh?

what is the back story here?

It's been widely reported that Facebook did not acquire Gowalla so much as hire their founders and part of the team. That does suggest that the investors lost much of the their $10mm.

After reading the Twitters, I believe @Shervin was reacting to @Arrington's post:

That post alleges that investors are getting less than 30 cents on the dollar AND many of them found out when it was announced publicly.

If that's the case, then it's understandable that they'd be especially unhappy with not just the outcome but the way they were communicated with.

Also, if @Shervin is reacting to @Arrington's post then he probably doesn't know who the grumbling Gowalla investors are. That's probably why he can't just call them and have a heart to heart.

I'm not sure what the backstory is here but its pretty clear that this is going to cause more problems for Josh rather than less

It certainly makes him more polarizing.

The Twitters are showing him a lot of love, and it's likely the people who are unhappy with him are going to be less public about that dissatisfaction -- which is probably why @Shervin tweeted what he did in the first place.

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