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Ladies, play by the rules

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"Lyn St James, who drove in the Indy 500, once told me that if you want to win in sports, it's very much like life. First you have to learn the rules, then you have to play by the rules. Then you have to win by their rules, and only then can you change the rules. The people who don't make it, it's because they get that order mixed up." -- Jeanette "The Black Widow" Lee, professional pool player

FIRST win. THEN change the rules. I myself need to remember the order. 

I *am* going to start calling you "The Black Widow," you know.

I think of her more as a Venus Flytrap.

Speaking of which, who would win in a fight between a Black Widow and a Venus Flytrap? I think you know:

Why does this only apply to ladies? shouldn't it apply to anyone who wants to change the status quo?

I think you're right, but I've been a woman all my life and I'm just not sure how men think about changing the status quo. :)

The Status Quo for white dudes is *awesome*, let me tell you.

I used to worry about whether to view or first when I got up in the morning.

Luckily, the latter stopped producing original content, so it's a moot point.

Now I worry that there's a really cool Tumblr out there that everyone knows about except me.

And that no one uses the word awesomesauce anymore except for me.

Oh, dude, you don't realize the difference you're making the world. *I* used "awesome sauce" just the other day. Suddenly I was uber cool. My old friends hardly recognized me. YOU are just that cool.

And Barbara so are you! :)

Another way I've heard this said, by Jennie Luke, is that "I know the rules well enough to know when it's ok to break them"

Every rule has circumstances under which it can be broken.

Context matters.

Progress requires improving on what exists.

And hopefully the new Mark Zuckerberg will be female:

At this point I'm not sure there will BE a next Mark Zuckerberg.

Which is the real reason I want to go to law school - the rules we can play by are the ones that are adjudicated daily.

Not just adjudicated daily but created daily, too.

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