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The Sparrow Problem

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Spoiler: Unless Google buys your company.

... after 4 years in the racket, this is my best advice for making millions in the App Store: build a game, a gimmick, or an app that has some sort of revenue outside a one-time purchase. Oh, and if it’s a game, make it “free-to-play”. You might be able to build a sustainable business selling useful apps, and carve out a decent living for yourself, but it’s almost impossible to make millions.

Via: @timoreilly

Ouch: "Sparrow did everything right. They built an incredible email app with broad appeal and released it into the hottest software market the world has ever seen. And yet it was a financial flop."

So yes, you have to sell your company to Google to make money. (Sparrow, Oink)

Or LinkedIn. (CardMunch)

Or PayPal. (

Or EA. (PopCap)

Or Zynga. (Draw Something, Words with Friends)

Or Twitter. (Tweetie, Tweetdeck)

Or Facebook. (Instagram, Beluga, Hot Potato)

Odds are stacked against you. There are a million apps. 12 of them got bought out.

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