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What Brain Scans Can Tell Us About Marriage

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Very interesting :)

Great advice!

So how do these older couples keep the fires burning? Beyond the brain scans, it was clear that these couples remained active in each other’s lives.

“They were still very much in love and engaged in the relationship,” Dr. Acevedo said. “That’s something that seems different from the Gores, who said they had grown apart.”

Indeed, if there is a lesson from the Gore breakup, it’s that with marriage, you’re never done working on it. 


Research from Stony Brook University in New York suggests that couples who regularly do new and different things together are happier than those who repeat the same old habits. 


That reminds me of Eric Barker's seven recipes for a happy marriage:

In short: Celebrate good news, have 5 positive moments for every negative one, and do exciting things together.

I dunno, I think repeating the same things (if positive) can be pretty ennobling and deepening to a relationship.  Like any daily practice.

We call them family traditions.

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