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Revolutionary membrane can keep your heart beating perfectly forever

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no more heart trouble?

Seems like it. This is so very cool:

The thin, circuit-lined stretchable membrane has been developed by scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Washington University in St. Louis and may arrive to human hearts in 10 to 15 years.

They custom made it to precisely fit the shape of the rabbit's heart: First, while the rabbit was still alive, they scanned it and created a 3D model using computer aided tomography. They manufactured the model in a 3D printer, which they used as a mold to create the membrane. After that they took the heart out, applied the membrane, and kept it beating at a perfect pace.

Revolutionary membrane can keep your heart beating perfectly forever

But this device is not just a custom-made pacemaker. According to University of Illinois' materials researcher John Rorgers, co-leader of the team who has developed this device, it's like an artificial pericardium, the natural membrane that covers the heart:

But this artificial pericardium is instrumented with high quality, man-made devices that can sense and interact with the heart in different ways that are relevant to clinical cardiology.

We truly live in amazing times.

I think it also comes with the risk of software viruses and hacking. Dick Cheney specifically had a surgery to remove wifi controlled pacemaker and put the one, which has not connectivity.

Yeah, I was wondering about that. Security is a concern. 

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