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Kelly LeBrock Weird Science cosplay

kelly lebrock weird science cosplay meme Imgur hot

Cosplayer is artist Christine H McConnell, and she is also the photographer.

You can find more of her work on her website:

Reddit comments:

Imgur comments:

There's also a Katie Nolan gif in the Imgur comments, go figure.

Compare Christine H McConnell's Weird Science cosplay with the original Kelly LeBrock:

Kelly LeBrock Weird Science hot Imgur Kelly LeBrock yoga pants hot Imgur aerobics spandex Weird Science

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Kelly LeBrock science meme Imgur RcmDMTp

Cue the Oingo Boingo:

It's alive!!!!

The Weird Science cosplayer is named Christine H McConnell, and she also made this:

Christine H McConnell awesome photoshop multiplicity Reddit Imgur

She is a true artist, and I made a separate page highlighting her best work:

Note this is the movie Weird Science, not the TV show.

vanessa angel weird science hot Imgur vanessa angel weird science hot Imgur

Poor Kelly LeBrock recently got a DUI:

kelly lebrock today hot Imgur

Bill Nye still played homage to Weird Science in Dancing with the Stars:

bill nye SCIENCE gif Imgur

High quality version of that gif:

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