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6 Subtle Things Highly Productive People Do Every Day - Business Insider

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Really, they all seem to boil down to #4:

Focus Is Nothing More Than Eliminating DistractionsGet yourself on the right path and keep yourself there.

And despite the title, focus is not a subtle thing!

Focus requires mindfulness, something increasingly difficult in the smartphone era!

Holy smokes, that BI piece went viral. 

Now at almost 1.5 million views!!

Clickbait image.

True, but what image captures "6 subtle things" properly? I know of none.

A clock, a calendar, glasses, a mug, a computer, pen and paper, all these things could represent productivity!

But that's not as attractive as pretty wet-haired lady's boobs.

She's also drinking coffee. Coffee is good. 

How can you know?

I bet she's drinking a mug of sake.

Hello productivity!

Ha! Cannot unsee her drinking sake now. :)

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