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Rock-paper-scissors with 25 gestures.

Rock paper scissors with 25 gestures

Source: RPS - 25

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Because Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is boring with only 3 options.

For the crazy among us, here's the 101 gesture rock-paper-scissors, too.

But yeah, 25-move Roshambo makes decision making much more interesting:


Even five gestures is better than three:




P.S. -- Did you know that rock-paper-scissors is from Japan?

Versions of this solution to so many domestic disputes has been documented in Japan for a very long time – some say back to the BC period, and in any case definitely long before it appeared in the West. Nobody knows exactly how the game first appeared – possibly a bunch of Japanese people arguing over who would go on the next saber tooth tiger hunt. It made its way to Europe from Japan in the 1700s, where it somehow became known as ‘Rochambeau’ after a local count (who knows, maybe he just enjoyed playing it?), and got to America from there. To this day, though, it’s far more common in Japan, where it is known as jankenpon and is often considered both entertaining enough for reality television and serious enough for grown men to get into fights over.


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