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Study Questions Saturated Fat and Heart Disease Link

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What do you know? Turns out that saturated fat doesn't cause heart disease. What does? Oh how about sugar and other carbs!

The single macronutrient approach is outdated.

The emphasis should now be on eating real food that is not processed.

This is my bacon face dog

That's a good bacon face.

it seems logical that processed foods are not good for us.  too bad it took an obesity/diabetes/heart-disease epidemic to make us take a second look.  but at least we can eat eggs and bacon again!

That's true, and it's wonderful.

The problem now is that the food industry cannot build processes to create unprocessed food.

By definition.

Which means that something's gotta give.

like what?  what do you think will happen next?

Eventually some combination of people stop eating enough to make a difference and/or stricter government regulation.

Btw the Wall Street Journal had an update about the saturated fat study:

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