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A working mom’s open letter to Gwyneth | New York Post

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And Mackenzie's followup:

is she honestly justifying/self-congratulating?  the headline/url seems like a bit much.  but i forgive that because:

"When you’re fortunate — and I count myself in this, as someone who has a loving husband and family, good health, no debt, a job I love, and a supportive network of relatives and friends — you have an extra responsibility to be empathetic and grateful and, in general, not oblivious."

the money aspect really makes these point-of-view arguments more difficult to be fair.

But when you get comments like:

"Another detractor used my article as proof of the fact that women had best go back to the kitchen, where they belong: “You’re all a bunch of whiny lazy Liars and the reason you’re stuck doing office work is because this is how you spend your time instead of bettering yourselves,” he said. “And being a mother is not that hard. It’s just time consuming.”

Actually, I’m pretty sure the reason a lot of us are doing office work is because most families find that a household with two working parents helps pay the bills, but thanks for your feedback!"

then you know you're LESS WRONG than that asshole

It's really rough out there for most people right now.

1 day ago

"you should have learned that jealous rants make you look bad"


ok celebrity time is over.  OH YEAH, IT'S THE NYPOST.


Objectively speaking, this article and its followup have a completely different effect than this one:

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