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Best Nachos In America - Thrillist Nation

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The Commodore (Brooklyn, NY)

The nachos: Cadillac nachos

The deal: A good serving of bar nachos is hard to find (and lord knows we've tried), but perfection does indeed reside in Brooklyn, where Southern dive The Commodore happens to be serving up a primo plate of crisp tortillas layered with creamy white queso, jalapeños, and radishes that might just make the other people at your table sorry they ordered fried chicken -- if such a thing is even possible.

Radishes sound like a fresh interjection.  Hey, what's this I hear about Yukon playing Kentucky?

LOL that's UConn. Who beat Florida yesterday, sadly.

So the best nachos in America are in New York?

;-). Calling it for UConn.

And all over Texas and California according to Thrillist.

Texas and California I believe. We border Mexico!

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