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Sugar Linked To $1 Trillion In U.S. Healthcare Spending - Forbes

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$1 trillion is a lot of money. We'd have less health costs if people ate poison instead.

“So 30% – 40% of healthcare expenditures in the USA go to help address issues that are closely tied to the excess consumption of sugar.” Credit Suisse Report – Sugar: Consumption At A Crossroads (PDF here)

According to the study, sugar itself accounts for over 80% of the global sweetener market. With a single commodity of this size, it’s no surprise that the lobbying power of the sugar industry is often compared to another global commodity – oil. “There are 15 million cane growers in China and 350,000 beet growers in Europe.” Another metric is the sheer volume of sugar (all its forms) in the typical U.S. daily diet – 38% – and Credit Suisse estimates that 43% of that is from a single product category – sweetened beverages.

“Food undergoes the equivalent of a leveraged recapitalization designed to suit the financial goals of its creator.  Consumption of junk food (for example a Twinkie or a sugary drink) is akin to a financial exchange where short-term gains are privatized and long-term costs are socialized in the form of horrific health outcomes.  The metabolic donkeys – consumers – pay relatively little money and turn a blind eye to the health consequences of their food choices – instead hoisting the fantastic profits of companies like Monster and opting for a shortened, diseased life.” Simons Chase – 2 Perspectives On Food Innovation: Sodastream vs. Monster Beverage (here)

Yes, excess carbohydrate consumption transforming into high blood glucose levels and constantly elevated insulin secretion is what is driving our many major health problems.

But actually honey and any natural, old fashioned cane sugars are much better sweeteners health-wise than High Fructose Corn Syrup... that's the real health-wrecking culprit that permeates all drinks and foodstuffs these days and where the corporate money lobby is vested.  

The HFCS folks would be quite happy if you went after sugar... 

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