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10 Truths About Books and What They Have to Do With Video Games | James Paul Gee

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Lots of people these days -- some old, some young; some in suits, some not -- are advocating that we use video games for learning, education, health, social change, and other "non-entertainment" purposes. However, lots of people who understand games, don't understand books and lots of people who understand books, don't understand games. There are 10 key truths we know about books. They happen to be equally true of other "meaning making technologies" like television and video games. Thus, in these 10 ways, books and video games are the same. They are both tools suited for certain jobs and best used in certain ways. So here are the 10 truths (for citations to the literature, see my book Situated Language and Learning, Routledge, 2004):


I liked where this was going, but the actual points were too..esoteric.

I hope to understand both books and games, though.

What do you want to understand about them?

How to get people to buy more of them?

The answer is simple: Make something people want. :)

I agree with this. I like viedo games alot. I never thought about comparing games with books. It is fun to think about. التسلل والهروب

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