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Yellow Shoes and Bright Green Shoes, Olympics 2012

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I'm noticing a lot of bright neon yellow running sneakers in London 2012.

I mean, check out this awesomeness with plenty of flourescent yellow.


Are these something commercial or something symbolic?

Ryan Seacrest explains the trend by citing Nike's website:

For Team USA, athletes receiving a special medal are given Nike apparel to wear on the stand. Many have chosen the bright, green shoes to complete their winning look.

Nike explained the outfits on their website claiming, “The world is watching and we want to make sure the athlete looks and feels good in celebration of their achievement.

Oh, so yellow shoes and green shoes are a fashion statement!

Many of the colorful shoes are from Nike, so there's branding as well.

And colored shoes not limited to Track and Field. Check out the U.S. swimmers...

Missy Franklin, Rebecca Soni, Dana Volmer, and Allison Schmitt:


Michael Phelps, Nathan Adrian, Matthew Grevers, and Brendan Hansen:


2012 Olympics, baby!!

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been seeing so many brighly-colored shoes too on runners lately. trending?

Nike. Also since they wear team colors often the only visual form of expression is shoes and jewelry.

So Nike pays for distinctive shoes for Olympic athletes?

Or is this part of Livestrong?

Fred, I agree that bright neon running shoes are trending in 2012.

In addition to yellow I have seen bright green and red.

In the world cup, Nike gave all sponsored teams a team shoe. Usually a gaudy and bold color. Nike is savvy; instead of spending millions to sponsor the games, they run exceptional adverts and pay athletes themselves and teams big bucks to wear their gear. Does anyone even known Adidas is an official sponsor of the Olympics?

I wouldn't be surprised if Nike has a "team" shoe or spike for this Olympics. Being on a team sponsored by Nike is like being a kid in a candy store!

I just did some research an people cannot resist shiny things.

So Nike's bright neon shoes stand out and make people take note.

No, I didn't realize that Adidas is an official Olympics sponsor.

So it's true that brand loyalty can trick peoples' tastes using emotion.

Btw some of the green shoes truly are green.

Bless the marketing behind the Nike Airknit Shoes Olympics 2012...


I wonder if they'll sell a lot of Nike FlyKnit at $150/pair.

Jessica Ennis - red shoes


Venus Williams - green shoes


Reese Hoffa - green shoes


Seth Kelsey - yellow shoes


GB Team - red shoes