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Molecular Gastronomy - making spheres of stuff

Spherification | Molecular Recipes

During the Science & Cooking seminar at Harvard in September 2010, Ferran Adria announced the launch of a new commercial product of his exquisite olive oil caviar for early 2011. The olive oil caviar is finally in the market after two years of research and it is commercialized under the brand Caviaroli. I was recently able to taste it and can tell you that the quality of the product is exceptional. To buy Caviaroli from our store click here.

The caviar membrane is thin and easily bursts in your mouth releasing the wonderful aromas of excellent Spanish olive oil which has not been modified with any additives. Caviaroli has great bright yellow color and clean transparency to add a magical touch to any dish.

Also this:

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I would like to try these, but don't know about popping for $55+

Way cheaper than Nathan Myrvhold's Modernist Cuisine at $485:

Here's a compromise: Buy Harold McGee's On Food Cooking Science for $23:

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