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Examining Tears Under A Microscope Uncovers A Shocking Truth

The San Francisco Globe

The San Francisco Globe

The San Francisco Globe

The San Francisco Globe

In her series Topography of TearsRose-Lynn Fisher examines tears underneath a microscope. The project began from her personal life experience. She was coping from a period of loss and life change. During this time, she wondered if her tears of happiness were any different than her tears of sadness.


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Aerial views of emotional terrain weds art and science:

It turns out all that the tears are indeed very different. The chemical composition of tears differ depending on our moods. More emotional tears contain neurotransmitter leucine enkephalin, a natural protein-based pain killer that is designed to reduce stress.

They almost tell a story within themselves of what we are feeling:

Tears of laughing till I'm crying

Tears of change

Tears of grief

Tears of timeless reunion

Tears of ending and beginning

Tears of momentum, redirected

Tears of release

Tears of possibility and hope

Tears of elation at a liminal moment

Tears of remembrance

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