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Six Quick Happiness Fixes by Outside Online

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Sick of happiness advice?

The Fix: Get in a fight! (Plus: four other surprising solutions.)

Some of the everyday stuff we do without thinking—or think is bad—jacks up our happiness, too. Here are a few surprising paths to enlightenment.

Ride the subway. Researchers from Sweden’s Karlstad University found that using public transportation can increase satisfaction because we don’t have to worry about traffic.

Watch sad movies. Ohio State University researchers found that tear-jerkers make us happier because they prompt us to think about our good relationships.

Fight back. Researchers at Vanderbilt University believe that aggression makes our brains release dopamine. For the sanctity of your police record, we recommend a boxing class or pickup football.

Don’t: Be afraid to throw out the rules and do whatever you want.

None of these are intuitive. Have you tried any of them?

Inadvertently, yeah.  When in negotiations for my lease (every three years), it always escalates to a fight and I LOVE IT.  I never understood why until now.

Riding the subway = public transportation of any kind, right?

Watching sad movies is cathartic.  I hadn't considered the "makes me think of my good relationships" aspect.

Love for fighting was a theme from Fight Club. That we usually shy away from fights but we shouldn't. 

Any public transport is good, yes.

I'm not a fan of sad movies though. 

Did you have any favorite tips from this article?

I liked the purge advice. 

And also the advice to hug: We Hugged More People

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