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In Antifragile, Nassim Taleb writes:

I have been repeating that in a natural environment, a stressor is information. Too much information would thus be too much stress, exceeding the threshold of antifragility. In medicine, we are discovering the healing powers of fasting, as the avoidance of the hormonal rushes that come with the ingestion of food. Hormones convey information to the different parts of our system, and too much of them confuses our biology. Here again, as with news received at too high a frequency, too much information becomes harmful— daily news and sugar confuse our system in the same manner.


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"Daily news and sugar confuse our system in the same manner." <--- I believe this.

This is why it's rare for me to stash news. Instead I stash things I will want to see again years from now.

Enlightening!  Glad you re-posted!

Me too -- that page is worth revisiting.

This one is eye-opening too.

Although I do enjoy HBO's "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver.  :)

That's less news and more rants. Rants are good; they build critical thinking.

I wonder what the video atop this page was.

Here's what it linked to:

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