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Forget Dollar Shave Club; Buy the Same High Quality Razors for a Third of the Price

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Don't want to pay for advertising with your razor blades? Here you go, thrifty guys!

yes, i never understood that model besides being part of a "cool" club. way overpriced

And it's not even a cool club. It's a bunch of bros who are charging way too much for razors.

Either Dollar Shave Club thinks we're stupid or they think we're lazy.

I do not see value in getting razors shipped to me every month:

Popken later discovers that Dorco actually is the supplier for Dollar Shave Club's six-blade razor. So what do you get with Dollar Shave Club that you don't get buying bulk at Dorco?

[Dollar Shave CEO Michael] Dubin said his service offers greater "convenience." "Are there similar razors out there? Sure. But our goal is to create value." I pointed out that I can get the Dorco razors delivered conveniently to my front door, too. "Not once a month," he said.

Fair enough. For the money, I think I can carve out a tissue box worth of space to store all those cheap razors. For anyone interested in trying the same route, I'm not sure if this is the exact combination Popken found, but this six-blade handle with 10 cartridges ($10.50) plus this six-pack of six cartridges ($17.99) got me to $30 at checkout, which is essentially the same situation. I think I can do without the monthly delivery from Dollar Shave Club.

Update: Dollar Shave Club writes in:

Bottom line, if people want to buy in bulk, there's a bazillion other places on the web to do that. Dollar Shave Club offers value beyond just the price of blades & convenience.

Fair enough. My biggest frustration with DSC was that I don't like the idea of that recurring monthly bill, especially since to me, razor blades aren't like clockwork. Getting the same blades from Dorco in bulk, for me, actually is more convenient. Obviously you should choose whichever sounds better to you, as well.

Note: As always, when we discuss razors, I'm obligated by our (very correct) commenters to point out that you'll never find a less expensive way to shave than this classic.

I can't use the multi-blade cartridges, they give me ingrown hairs, and electric shavers are even worse. I've been using a safety razor for years (I have a heavy old brass Gillette from the 50's). I get the blades on ebay. The best I've found for a reasonable price are from Turkey, called Bluebirds. I have enough of them to last me years. As for the other wet shave equipment, I don't bother with fancy badger brushes. I've found the cheap boar hair works better. I usually use ProRaso for the shaving cream, but when I can find it I prefer buying pucks with lanolin, as they seem to do a better job. 

Thank you for the tips! Sounds like you worked to find a system that works for you.

anyone try the hair plucking? 

Multi-bladed razors and electric razors semi-pluck the hair before cutting them (in the case of an electric shaver its more like tearing). Plucking is an especially good way to get ingrown hairs if you have curly hair.

Sounds painful but effective.

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