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Decrease the number of options you consider in life. ~Tim Ferriss

@tferriss notes from the latest episode.. thanks for the reminders for the week ahead! #TFS
7:34 PM May 16 2014

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Mr Freeze needs someone to transcribe his notes on life automation.

-The choice minimal lifestyle: 6 formulas for more output + less overwhelm.

-You had time, but you didn't have attention, so the time had no practical value.

1) Considering options costs attention that can't be spent on action or present-state events

2) Attention is necessary for not only productivity but appreciation.

Therefore: -too many choices = less or no productivity, appreciation and a sense of overwhelm. Decreasing # of options you consider in life

1)Set rules for yourself so you can automate as much decision making as possible

2)Don't ruminate on decisions until you can actually make them.

3)Don't postpone decisions or open "loops" just to avoid uncomfortable conversations.

4)Learn to make non-fatal or reversible decisions as quickly as possible

  Risk: the likelyhood[sic] of an irreversible negative outcome

  Fast decisions preserve usable attention for what matters.

5)Don't strive for variation- and thus increased options- when it's not needed

Routine enables innovation where it's most valuable. (Daily Rituals)

  - enjoyment vs. efficacy (results vs. routine)

6)Regret is past-tense decision making. Eliminate complaining to minimize regret. 

  - Decision making vs. deliberation (Attention account balance) - Parameters

-"Decision cycle." Achievement vs. appreciation. "Ideal lifestyle tax."

-Test a few of the principles as the first of many fast and reversible decisions. 

Thank you Jared. Excellent.

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