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10 steps to getting better at absolutely everything.

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I've been doing a number of research compilations lately and in case you missed anything, here are the best of the bunch:

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Fascinating that a lot of your Top 10 lists are not top 10 lists.

Do you think that variance is essential or accidental?

I think clustering provides more value. Shows studies aren't one-off, reinforces the point and hopefully illustrates an overall principle more than a very specific action.

Or at least this is what I tell myself. :)

In other words, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with SO MANY ways to self-improve.

How does one begin the decision making process of WHAT to improve since you can't do everything at once?

I'd definitely start with the top ten things to do every day/week. They cover the bulk of the important things in an accessible way.

Past that I'd look at personal goals and the opportunity cost of implementing changes for those areas.

Baby steps are key. The best program of change is the one you stick with. No plan is perfect if people don't actually follow through with it.

So do you have a to-do list of things to remember to do each morning?

Or do you build it into your calendar system?

Or do you have another system?

I'm working on this as I go. I'm doing this work as much for myself as for the blog which is one of the reasons I'm so dedicated to it. :)

Coming back to this a month later, I still have much to improve on.

This content would work really well in the 365-self-improvement-tips-for-365-days calendar format, btw.

I'm wondering why there isn't a college class on Continual Improvement.

It's called MS1 ROTC with CPT Sperli =p


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