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How vital is a good mattress to quality sleep? - Barking up the wrong tree

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What did your mattress cost?

"There were no significant differences in the quality of a volunteer’s sleep or the total number of hours spent sleeping on the three surfaces."

And yet I think I've heard you say that a great mattress is worth spending money on.

Am I misremembering that?

Actually, I said the reverse. I once blogged about an excellent episode of Penn and Teller's show BULLSHIT where they compared mattresses and came to the conclusion that (you guessed it), they're bullshit. Spending a ton didn't make a difference. It's all marketing.

For those curious, it's Season 6, episode 5, "Sleep, Inc."

Thanks Eric.

I just spent a lot of money on a mattress and I'm really happy with it.

But I'm willing to admit that perhaps I have a placebo effect happening.

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