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A German Diver Delivered The Worst Dive In Olympic History

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Oh, no!

At least he's the best at something. Best worst dive ever!

Perhaps there is Olympic hope for me after all.

I believe that with enough practice I can master that dive. :)

Thanks for sharing this Jennie, I LOL'd myself.

Oh, man. That's painful... Yeah file in your "FAIL" category. I'll forever feel bad for the guy. (But secretly appreciate the stored memory when I need to pull it out for my next "fail" moment.)

Ouch. May he recover his wounded self-esteem. (Not to mention the burn of a back-flop.)


At least very few will remember his name. :)

Memories or childhood ensue... :)

Not sure what you mean?

Memories of childhood. Have had many belly and back flops off the diving board...

Oh no! Why would you do that??

When you're a kid, that stuff is fun haha. Although I didn't share in the joy of showing off my "red" back or frontside, epic bellyflops were great. Never from the high diving board, though, haha.

Every time I see this guy dive I feel bad for him!

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