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Life and Times of Tiny Zeus Lister

Say Hello to the Bad Guy


Playing the bad guy wasn’t always this easy — Lister says he received death threats when he wrestled as Zeus, a character he originated in the 1989 film No Holds Barred. But it came naturally. “He can go from that innocent look to absolute danger in a blink of an eye,” says Eric Roberts, Lister’s costar in four films. “When he looks angry, you feel anger.” As a result of that skill, Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr. has carved out a weird, remarkable career — 30 years long this year, 176 acting credits in all, with work alongside icons like Marlon Brando, Tupac Shakur, Hulk Hogan, and Michael Jackson.

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176 acting credits in 30 years = Average 6 per year!