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Physicists discover ‘clearest evidence yet’ that the Universe is a hologram | The Mind Unleashed

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The two new scientific papers are the culmination of years’ work led by Yoshifumi Hyakutake of Ibaraki University in Japan, and deal with hypothetical calculations of the energies of black holes in different universes.

The idea of the universe existing as a ‘hologram’doesn’t refer to a Matrix-like illusion, but the theory that the three dimensions we perceive are actually just“painted” onto the cosmological horizon – the boundary of the known universe.

If this sounds paradoxical, try to imagine a holographic picture that changes as you move it. Although the picture is two dimensional, observing it from different locations creates the illusion that it is 3D.

This model of the universe helps explain some inconsistencies between general relativity (Einstein’s theory) and quantum physics. Although Einstein’s work underpins much of modern physics, at certain extremes (such as in the middle of a black hole) the principles he outlined break down and the laws of quantum physics take over.

That's fascinating. Where can I learn more?

The model doesn't have any obvious flaws, but there are still many things we don't know that could invalidate it. See the comments on this page:

It is all an illusion. It does not exist outside your mind. The hologram is a projection of the conditioned mind. 

The universe does not exist?! Whoa.

The universe "should not exist" so instead of taking the logical step that it does not exist, we will try to create a delusional explaination of why it does

and then prove that is wrong as well. 

Good connection, Emily!

Yes to desire material success is to forever be delusional and suffer win and lose. 

Your choice.  

it sounds like it goes far beyond material success.

In a material world, or a world believed to be material all percieved success is by definition material.   

I am successful because __________

If everything is a hologram you are successful because of nothing. 

Everything is an empty projection.  The only thing that you can hold onto is awareness of the nature of the illusion. 

spirituality, meaning, happiness?  are these things by definition material?

Yes. All those are material as they are dependent on a "material" body. 

(Assuming you believe in life and death)

If you believe this body and world is materially real all ideas about happiness are conditioned by your primary delusion. 

Conversations about existence are funny. 

The judeo Christian Muslim s argue for a material life created by a creator to be followed by eternal non material life as a result of "how well" the life was lived.  

Science types argue material life is all there is and valid in it own right and you live as best you can based on mental and emotional constructs. 

Then quantum science begins to see what yogis from the Himalayas have always known and yet next to no one will be able to let go of their conditioned mental constructs. 

Everything is a reflection of mind.  There is no spirit to be spiritual, no meaning beyond awareness, and no you to be happy. 

This is all conceptual as well until you experience your own non-existence and then you can never believe anything ever again that is created by a conditioned mind. 

now let's say i don't believe in death or that spirituality is a reflection of the mind.  can't i still find happiness in our material world?  i believe our bodies are the cutting edge of experience.  that is why we are here: to experience existence.

A great tibetan teacher asks often, would you rather be happy based on something or happy based on nothing?

Conditional happiness will always be lost at some point. 

I believe, I know, we are "here" to realize the essential nature of mind. 

The reason you believe bodies are the edge is that you do not have or remember an experience without it.  

i'd rather be happy.  period.

what do you believe is the essential nature of the mind?

If there is anything that can make you unhappy then you are not happy. 

The essential nature of mind is unbounded luminous light particles. 

It is like this.  If the particles are directed through a prism with infinite facets, infinite images are formed.  "Emily Kate Moon" is an image.  She maybe a beautiful happy image but still an image.   

There is an awareness that senses the images in a local manner.  When you sense an image long enough you believe it to be real. As soon as it is real it is judged and labeled and a story created by adding the element of time.  

Then the image Emily tries to convince me, I try to convince me that you are real. You have to be real because if you are not I am not. I like you are attached to the idea of me and you.  Seperate and different. 

We are trying to keep the delusion going because we are addicted to the idea.   

You are not your reflection in a mirror anymore than you are a reflection of light particles.   

When the winds blow the particles your reflection changes. You change and it has nothing to do with your emotional view. Your sense of self is dependent on emotional view but not the essence of the reflection. 

As physics is getting closer to understanding, An infinite hologram where the collective observation believes each individual flickering image has form.  

thank you, mark.  that was awesome!  i love this explanation!

so if it is all a game, and we already understand the essential nature of it, then what's the point?

Not a game.  

There is a difference between understanding and experiencing. As long as the collective has delusional views, every faceted reflection is distorted.  

The greater the collective awareness the more we can accept the beauty. The more we reduce the suffering. 

The light is light but the collective is the prism.  

The union of vast luminosity (light) with wisdom (collective lens of prism) is the end of universal suffering.  Pure happiness beyond happy and suffering. 

We together with all beings one reflection at a time. 

As to the point, I have to drive at least 4 hours to be able to see the reflection of the Milky Way.  

That is how dirty the view has become. We can barely see the stars. 

so we need to all become aware of our essential nature as light and then come together as one?

Yes.  Those that have the experience need to try to polish as many facets as possible. (And keep their area clean) 

It is difficult because even if you clean it the dirt covers it quickly.  

If I see you as my reflection how could I hurt you? 

The prism is always a work in process and we can damage to flat out destroy large sections of it.  

so if we are able to all come together and create this beautiful prism of perfect light, must we still have to constantly keep it clean, or by then will we simply become light?

Both are possible.  However given the situation the most important thing is to value and spread the wisdom beyond any one reflection.  

If you get to the point where you give up your reflection(s) you can't help as much.  Too few could see you through the dirt. 

what do you mean by "give up your reflection"?  not cleaning it?

 you can merge with light and end the cycle of illusionary existence.  You can be light not the reflection of light. 

The greater the wisdom the more you create the reflection until there is no desire for the creation and it dissolves.  

You would look into a mirror and see nothing but light, no form. 

but because we want to reach a collective awareness, merging oneself with light is not advantageous for all?  that is something we must do together?  so that is why we stay and share wisdom rather than seek an individual state of light?

Yes, that way of being is called "the way of a compassionate being"

But that is only feasible if there is understanding. 

If you are teaching "the secret" of getting what you want in order to be happy you are pushing people deeper into the realm of desire and away from wisdom. 

So many well meaning people do this and they need to see the confluence of quantum science and dzogchen practice and stop the lists of scientific ways to be happy. 

why the constant recycling of bodies, lives, reflections? why not retain wisdom and experience until each reflection is clean?

As death occurs you have to have someone guide you as you dissolve. 

There are few capable of doing this because we are declared evil because we challenge the collective narratives.  People want to go to heaven or just go away or come back privileged... They can't accept the guidance because of so many obstacles.  Their loved ones can let go of the reflections. .... The collective can't let go and thus perpetuate the cycle. 

At birth you need someone guide you as you form. 

In the middle you need someone to keep you on the path, like a sponsor in AA helps you not drink.  

This conversation allows others to contemplate.  If I was talking to myself no one would be there to listen. 

thank you for sharing.  do you mind engaging more?

why must we dissolve?  what about those who have realized the way of a compassionate being?

We must dissolve because reflections are waves blowing the light particles. If you throw a rock in the water it makes ripples but they all disappear.     The compassionate being becomes able to the rock instead of the ripples like us. 

like us?!  speak for yourself.  :)

i'm on my way to the light!  and i'm bringing as many as i can with me!!

thank you so much for your insight, mark.

compassion, love, courage. those are the facets of happiness, joy, light.

i suppose even as a ripple, we are more effective when we are happy.

I plan on dissolving but until then my kids need supervision.

Thank you. One of the better discussion I have had on the web 

oh man, and kids do need supervision!  and so it goes... the ride it is!

great discussion!  i loved it!

Not peer reviewed yet.

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