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How To Be Resilient: 8 Steps To Success When Life Gets Hard

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i really like all of these!

Me too! So when life is daunting and we need resilience, keep in mind:

  1. Perceive And Believe
  2. Manage Your Emotions
  3. Be A Quitter
  4. Be Delusional
  5. Prepare… Even If It’s Too Late For Preparation
  6. Stay Busy, Busy, Busy
  7. Make It A Game
  8. Get Help And Give Help

To live full lives some amount of difficulty is essential.

1) Perceive And Believe

“The company already had two round of layoffs this year but I never thought they would let me go.”

“Yeah, the argument was getting a little heated but I didn’t think he was going to hitme.”

The first thing to do when facing difficulty is to make sure you recognize it as soon as possible.

Sounds obvious but we’ve all been in denial at one point or another. What do people who survive life-threatening situations have in common?

They move through those “stages of grief” from denial to acceptance faster.

What’s that thing doctors say when they’re able to successfully treat a medical problem?“Good thing we caught it early.”

When you stay oblivious or live in denial, things get worse — often in a hurry. When you know you’re in trouble you can act.

Nobody is saying paranoia is good but research shows a little worrying is correlated with living a longer life.

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number 6 is really working for me right now!

Number 6 is a difficult path to walk -- because it's good to be busy but it's bad to be TOO busy.

yes.  it is nice when you enjoy doing the things that keep you busy.  :)

Then work isn't work at all.

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