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Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup 2014 semifinal gif

Germany beer beat Brazil drink gif Imgur gfycat World Cup 2014 semifinal

Germany Brazil gfycat:

Thank you Butcher_Of_Hope for this gif.

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Four goals in six minutes. A historically bad game for Brazil.

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Hulk smash!

Hulk smash Germany Brazil gif Imgur World Cup 2014 Fuckin rekt

Imgur comments:

New Brazilian flag:

new Brazil flag meme World Cup 2014 Imgur

Roomba Germany Brazil World Cup 2014 gif Imgur vacuum

Encino Man Germany Brazil World Cup 2014 gif Imgur


Jeremy Clarkson tweet lesson for England Germany Brazil world cup 2014 Imgur

sad Clovis Fernandes meme Brazil fan hugs World Cup semifinal Germany 2014 Imgur

Saddest gif on the Internet:

sad Clovis Fernandes gif Imgur Brazil fan old man holding World Cup Germany 2014 semifinal Hello darkness my old friend saddest gif on the Internet

Hello darkness my old friend:

Imgur comments:

For those interested, this is Clovis Fernandes, arguably Brazil's most famous supporter. 

Poor guy. Poor Clovis. 

Clovis has a range of emotions.

He is very expressive. Most Brazil fans are.

Most tweets were just horrified but no one could stop watching.

Simpsons stop stop he's already dead meme Imgur Watching the Brazil Germany World Cup 2014

Brazil crying stop stop we're already dead gif Imgur World Cup 2014 Germany

Spongebob meme Germany Brazil World Cup 2014 Imgur

Horrified Brazil reaction faces:

"Oscar Pistorious has a better defence than Brazil ..."

Madre de Dios!

crying Brazil fan boy gif Imgur World Cup 2014 Germany Brazilian kid collects his tears for thirsty Germans meme

oh meu deus

"I'm in a glass case of emotion" bad.

I know those feels!

I'm in a Glass Case of Emotion HD gif - PandaWhale

but yours is so much funnier!

It helps to laugh, I believe.

And to reflect.

This Sunday, during the final World Cup game, Brazilians face an unpleasant choice: either rooting for the Germans, who so ignominiously routed their team on Tuesday, or gritting their teeth and cheering for their most-loathed continental rivals, the Argentines, who managed to play such a beautiful game against the Netherlands on Wednesday. In Brazil, thoughts are also turning toward less poetic considerations than soccer, including concerns about the tenor of Brazilian democracy and the health of the country’s economy. Thoughts are tilting forward, as well, to the $15 billion that it will cost the country’s citizens to welcome fans during the Summer Olympics two years from now.

Poor Brazil.

At least they get a shot at redemption in Saturday's game for third place with Netherlands.

i don't think there's much hope.  netherlands team is doing well and brazil's morale is crushed.

If Costa Rica has taught me anything in this World Cup, it is: NEVER GIVE UP!!

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