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Belgian teen loses model gig after hunting photo outcry

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wow so hunting photos and being anti-gay will get you severed now?  when will the persecution end? 

something about being "pro-life" for animals yet "pro-choice" for humans is weird.

I think the bottom line is: L'Oreal didn't think it would sell cosmetics; which is the only thing they care about.

Janill, agreed.

I think the two are likely exclusive, but the latter probably affects future prospects and thus early end of contract.  

They secured her for a social media project in Belgium.  Simultaneously, as her persona went public, so did her personal hunting adventures (which i guess was a #TBT kind of post), which unfortunately coincided with the uptick of anti-"hunting glorification." I guess since the nature of the backlash was social media native, it made it untenable/ironic to have her be a social media darling.  

A good question: did she eat her kill? cuz that would help buck the model stereotype of not eating... at least she killed and ate it herself.  and at least it wasn't... a triceratops

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