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34 Things You Can Do Internally To Prepare For External Success

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2. Always be learning

Do not subscribe to the belief that you are done with learning when you graduate high school or college. See every situation as an opportunity to learn a valuable life lesson or skill.

Katya, this is what you do!

Yup, that's exactly right! :) I also like " Love what you do. Don't wait to find the thing you are passionate about. Bring your passion to what you are doing today". It inspired me to do some things I did not feel like doing the whole week:)


What kind of things, Katya?

Preparing some chemical solutions. I am in graduate school for PhD in Chemistry and for my project I have to prepare the same solutions over and over again because of not long time storage. what you do and maybe imagine the benefits it can bring to general knowledge and it worked!

I often wondered how a person can do the same thing over and over. You have a great attitude.

Does it help to have music?

Yeah, music helps me a lot! It's kind of brings me more energy and keeps me stay motivated:)

3. Be a decision maker

Be decisive. Be at peace with the decisions you make. Be courageous in accepting responsibility for your decisions.

This is not easy to do!

True! I am actually reading the book now "Decisive: How to make better choices in life and work" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. I love it! It is a great book! The authors provide very good insights into the process and strongly support their arguments with good examples. I feel like I am actually getting better at making my decisions now :)

That's good. Is there any tip in particular from the book you found helpful?

One of my favorite tips for better decision making is " Avoid a narrow frame". Which means to avoid questions like "Should I do this or that? Should I buy this or that?" (basically, "or" questions) In this case you are limiting yourself to only two options, without realizing that there are plenty of other choices and opportunities.  Always try to widen your options, try to think "what I would do if I did not have these two options", "how can I do this and that if it is really important to me?", "what else I can do with the same time/money?". Things like that:)

24. Decide what you want your success to look like

Visualize your success. Do you like what you see? How can you tweak your vision to something you will be happy with? The visuals we usually associate with success is money falling from the sky, flashy sports cars, nice clothing and accessories, and a gorgeous woman or man at your side. Is that what you want?

What if success was more about having the freedom to pursue and strengthen the relationships that matter the most to you? To have the resources to help the less fortunate?

Don’t simply assume success is what you see in popular culture. You get to decide.

This is an important one. Unless you know what success looks like, you cannot aim for success!

I agree! To build a nice house, you need to draw how it will look like first.

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