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Overt Discrimination in Ohio -

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County election boards in Ohio, a closely contested swing state, are evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. In counties likely to vote for President Obama, Republicans have voted against the extended hours, and Mr. Husted has broken the tie in their favor. (He said the counties couldn’t afford the long hours.) In counties likely to vote for Mitt Romney, Republicans have not objected to the extended hours.

This is just the latest alarming example of how Republicans across the country are trying to manipulate the electoral system by blocking the voting rights of their opponents. These actions have a disproportionate effect on blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic minorities who struggled for so long to participate in American democracy.

This turns out to be better for manipulating the House than the presidency.

I have the feeling that electoral manipulation has always been this way.

Politics has always been a game of "win any way I can" in America.

Fight as dirty as you can get away with, and tilt the rules in your favor when you can.

Example: gerrymandering

It's still an awful practice. Politics brings out the worst in people.

Somewhere, Karl Rove is smiling at that article.

I guess it goes along with our ruthless Capitalism roots. I want nicer, better, and smarter politics.

I want that, too.

Doing so would mean somehow breaking open the system that currently exists with some kind of Will to Power.

Existing money and power would likely resist that heavily.

Why can't we have the polls open from midnight till midnight? It is election DAY not election bank hours.

Seriously. But then we should also ask why we can't vote online.

We can vote for American Idol online but not government officials?

Yeah, even after reading those articles I'm not convinced a vote is really a vote.

Darn it.

I agree completely

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