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Paleo Cauliflower Pizza Crust

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Grated cauliflower is the key here!

Whoa. Neat. Does it taste better than Quinoa?

:) Have you recently experienced quinoa?

No, we watch WAY too much football and they show this commercial where a guy grills up some quinoa patties to guarantee his team will win. Tastes like a dirty old tree branch!

Ha ha HA!!

"What the heck is QUEEN-O?"

Correlation is not causation!

Yes but as a football fan we have a saying: "It's not weird if it works."

We use this to justify all superstitious behavior.

Putting everyone on notice that I'm officially abandoning this crust as I have perfected a superior pizza crust.

Where might we find this wondrous recipe?

Looks like you found it but here's the link for everyone else:

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