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Man builds himself bionic hands...

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This story demonstrates human will:

Sun Jifa, 51, lost both his hands when a bomb he was creating for blast fishing in Guanmashan, Jilin province, northern China, exploded prematurely.

Unable to afford the prosthetic limbs offered by a hospital, he created his own.

“I couldn’t afford to buy the false hand the hospital wanted me to have, so I decided to make my own,” Jifa says. He spent eight years handcrafting prototypes before finally creating metal hands that could grip and hold.

I believe in the creativity of humans.



I do wonder why he resisted the temptation to turn one of his arms into a chainsaw.

He just plays gears of war instead.

Then he should have turned one of his arms into a boomstick!

He had no hands and built this?


He takes handcrafting to a whole new level.

That sentence works on at least three levels: crafting something handy, crafting using hands, and crafting of hands.

Triple word score!!

And "scrabble" is perhaps THE perfect analogy in this context.

"Handcrafting" is THE perfect verb in this context.

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