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Apple employs far more blacks, Hispanics than its tech rivals

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Their diversity report also highlighted disabled workers, which is a BIG differentiator from some other tech companies such as Twitter.

I think Apple benefits from the Apple Store employees for diversity.

In keeping with other tech companies, Apple broke down its employees into those holding "tech" and "non-tech" jobs. U.S. Apple workers in non-tech roles, such as human resources and public relations, are 56 percent white, 14 percent Hispanic, 9 percent Asian and 9 percent black. Nine percent of Apple employees declined to share their backgrounds.

Apple's U.S. employees in the tech category, which includes engineers and Genius Bar staffers, are 54 percent white, 23 percent Asian, 7 percent Hispanic and 6 percent black. Those statistics measure up well next to Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook -- companies where just 1 percent of tech jobs are held by black employees and 2-to-3 percent are held by Hispanic employees.

Still, Apple's numbers are WAY better than everyone else's.

Apple workplace diversity chart meme Imgur Apple employs far more blacks, Hispanics than its tech rivals - San Jose Mercury News

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