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The Last Thing You’ll Ever Need to Read About Setting and Achieving Goals | TIME

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Huh? Set goals? Why?

What are the first steps in moving toward your goals?

  • Don’t look at goals like a death march. Putting some time into making them fun is both more enjoyable and more effective.

yes, yes, and yes!

Re-reading this, it's important to put some time into making the goal fun.

Don't dread the goal. Don't treat it like a death march. Enjoy it.

What are 5 things that make achieving goals easier?

  1. Make a step-by-step plan.
  2. Tell other people about your goal.
  3. Think about the good things that will happen if you achieve your goal.
  4. Reward yourself for making progress toward your goal.
  5. Record your progress (e.g., in a journal or on a chart).

More tips here.

Structure your goals so that the focus is to learn and improve, not to outdo someone else. The former helps you grow. The latter can turn you into a jerk.

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