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Use your non-dominant hand each morning. [from 8 Tips to Stop Procrastinating]

Procrastinators of the World Break the Habit Today! Orâ¦Tomorrow! | Pimsleur Approach Blog

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4. Try Willpower Boosting Tricks

A swelling body of research indicates that there are certain areas of our brain that are involved in willpower and self-control. While the investigation of this concept is in its nascent stages, this would mean that you can “exercise” your brain to improve your willpower. A very simple way of doing this could be committing to brushing your hair/teeth holding the brush in your non-dominant hand each morning. A little step like this could make a big difference to your willpower reserves!

I wonder if using the non-dominant hand actually works for willpower.

2. Pick a Bite-Size Time Period

You’ve vowed to do 30 minutes a day, but you miss one day because of, well, life. The temptation for the keen learner is to promise to do a full hour the next day. But if you have a tendency toward procrastination, this will quickly snowball until you’re telling yourself that you’ll study for four hours “tomorrow” – a much more difficult goal to commit to and achieve. Instead of building yourself up for a fall in this way, don’t sweat if you miss a day. Just take it up again the next day, for the same length of time – but make sure you do!

That is an excellent idea.

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