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I learned the best definition of FAIL this morning: First Attempt In Learning

FAIL definition meme first attempt in learning Imgur

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"First Attempt In Learning" regularly makes the rounds in Pinterest. :)

FAIL definition

Cool! I am not on Pinterest so I had no idea.

Even better that you found it! How did you find it?

I had a catch up meeting with one of our absolutely phenomenal commerce students. We were talking about the things he learned while doing an internship in iHub in Nairobi and the topic of failure came up. He told me about this awesome "definition". I thought it is a gem definitely to stash :)

Neat! This is how good ideas spread. 

If you Fail to Learn, you will Learn to Fail.

We have been talking a lot with my friends about the notion of failure and unfortunately, it is not really a word a lot of business people want to use. Culturally, failure is still considered as something bad and something that should not be admitted openly. I think some people are making a break through, especially Engineers without borders with their annual Failure Report.

I think the key is to remember that failure is not final:

winston churchill sucess failure quote

Speaking of Winston Churchill, he also said this:

winston churchill sucess failure quote

These are really cool!!! Indirectly, my favourite "failure" quote is from "Daring Greatly" speech:

Roosevelt Daring Greatly quote the man in the arena Imgur it is not the critic who counts

Wow, that is a great speech! Do you gave any others you recommend?

One of my other favourite pieces - not a speech really -  is the letter that Kurt Vonnegut sent to a high school student - it is not about failure but it is humanly awesome. Here is the article about it:

That IS a great letter!

Sometimes I go back and look through my speeches stash, too:

I do really like this quote.

winston churchill sucess failure quote

success is not final, but man is it sweet while it lasts!

It sure is. May as well enjoy it!

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