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How Apple Is Invading Our Bodies | TIME

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The great thing about the Apple Watch is that it’s always there—you don’t even have to take it out of your bag to look at it, the way you would with an iPhone. But unlike an iPhone you can’t put the Apple Watch away either. It’s always with you. During the company’s press event the artist Banksy posted a drawing to his Twitter feed of an iPhone growing roots that strangle and sink into the wrist of the hand holding it. You can see where he was coming from. This is technology establishing a new beachhead. To wear a device as powerful as the Apple Watch makes you ever so slightly post-human.

I'm looking for the Banksy iPhone image growing roots image but I can't find it!

That animated gif atop this page is very thought provoking. We're becoming one with the machine!

That iWatch parody was a wicked video. I love it!

Did you know he's the "Your Grammar Sucks" guy?

Thanks - this is great!

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