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Happy Thoughts: Here Are the Things Proven To Make You Happier | TIME

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

And gratitude. Lots of gratitude!

Where was the full body massage part?  I have to object that Barker's missing at least one essential ingredient on his list...

We need to teach Eric how important massage is.

That teaching part sounds kinky... or expensive... or both... 

hahaha... rob, it does!

this is an excellent article on happiness.

Any favorite parts or things you learned?

it was jam-packed with goodies!  it was like an eric barker greatest hits article!  every sentence has a link to another great eric barker article!!

but my favorite happiness tips are gratitude:

It will make you happier.

It will improve your relationships.

It can make you a better person.

It can make life better for everyone around you.

Bronze medalists are happier than silver medalists. Why? They feel grateful to get a medal at all.

and savoring:

Take time to really enjoy the good things. What are the best ways to savor?

  • Positive mental time travel: Happy memories or looking forward to something
  • Being present: Not letting your mind wander and being absorbed in the moment.

Savoring is one of the secrets of the happiest people. Focusing on the limited time you have in this life is a good way to remind you to savor what is important.

Those are worth highlighting.

It's sad how hard it is for most people to be grateful and savor. 

it is the human condition.  the hedonic treadmill is real and we need to learn how to be above it!

Or make the treadmill stop so we can walk away. 

even better.

We don't need to rage against the machine to turn it off. 

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