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Mercedes built a self-driving truck that could save thousands of lives every year


Mercedes-Benz believes it's built a self-driving semi-truck that could eventually help cut down on highway tragedies that kill thousands of drivers each year. The Future Truck 2025 can't navigate city streets autonomously like Google's fleet of cars, but is perfectly capable of holding its own on the open road — and that's where sleep-deprived truck drivers most often pose a threat to people driving smaller passenger vehicles. Using a combination of advanced dual cameras, radar sensors, and the latest blind-spot technology (Mercedes refers to the system as "Highway Pilot"), the Future Truck 2025 analyzes the road to get a sense of surrounding traffic and terrain. The "highway" part of that is critical; a driver is still required to get the truck onto the interstate and successfully merge into traffic.

But once that's done, a driver can sit back and relax in the Future Truck — with Samsung tablet in hand, according to Mercedes renderings — even swiveling his or her seat away from the steering wheel to reach a more comfortable resting position

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What a marvelous idea. I hope other truck makers follow this model.

Simpsons did it!

(wow this is a hard one to find....)

Haha that's right, I had forgotten.

South Park Simpsons did it meme Imgur

Did you see the Simpsons Family Guy crossover this year? That was well done. 

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