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Anthony Davis Growth Spurt Helped NBA Skills

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To understand what makes Davis so good, it's helpful to know this bit of trivia — Davis grew from 6'2" to 6'10" between his sophomore and senior years in high school. He went from a lightly-recruited guard who had one scholarship offer (from Cleveland State) to the best high school player in the country.

As a result of that unusual growth spurt, Davis has the fundamentals and movements of the guard within the body of a center (he's now 6'11" and still growing). He's the ultimate hybrid.

In a new ESPN article, Jordan Brenner had this great description of his unique skillset:

"In a league of specialized big men — rim protectors and stretch-4s, elbow facilitators and designated rebounders — Davis embodies virtually every archetype.

"When asked to name Davis' best attribute, Pelicans coach Monty Williams pauses like a parent forced to choose his favorite child. Eventually, Williams settles on Davis' ability to run the floor, but he just as easily could have picked the power forward's quickness and reach as a shot-blocker, his rebounding acumen (which will only be aided this season by his newly chiseled shoulders) or the touch and grace he displays in finishing plays near the rim. Plus, Davis can dribble, pass and knock down face-up jumpers, and it won't be long before he displays 3-point range. 'His strength," says one GM, 'is that he has no weakness.'"

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