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Cheesecake ai cachi – Persimmon cheesecake

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Persimmons are one of my favorite fruits but they are problematic to cook with. This cheesecake looks like a yummy way to use them. I would use the softer pointy Hachiya variety, which must be COMPLETELY RIPE before eating -- in fact one of the good parts of this recipe is that you can buy "overripe" hachiya very cheaply.

I got RAVE REVIEWS for this cheesecake from everyone who tasted it. The lack of sugar in the graham cracker crust, ricotta cheese mixed with cream cheese, lovely swirls of persimmon pulp, and relatively modest portion size added up to a tender, relatively light, caramelized effect. The recipe also extremely easy, you literally throw everything into the food processor. Two tips:

1) You MUST own a springform pan to make this cheesecake. Don't even think about another option.

2) Hachiya persimmons suitable for this recipe will not be pretty or even look edible. They are quite nasty, with black splotches and sometimes wrinkles... and if you can get them home without leaking goo, you're more careful than I am. DO NOT PANIC. Buy the ugliest hachiya and reap the benefits!

Oh also: if you're using large persimmons, I would go with 2 rather than 3. Otherwise too watery. And I left out the nuts and white chocolate flakes, they are totally unnecessary and detract from the simple splendor of the cheesecake.

The recipe says "bake at 180 degrees". Pretty sure that means CELSIUS. Equivalent to 350 F.

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