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Eat the Persimmon

Eat the Persimmon The Awl


We all have routines when we go grocery shopping—the aisles we spend a lot of time in, the sections we skip entirely. I instinctively skip the pork section, not because I’m a vegetarian or opposed to pork, but simply because I didn’t grow up eating it. It’s even more common to skip over items in the produce section; there are so many! Even the most adventurous cooks have certain fruits and vegetables that they just…don’t buy. But I think it’s good to try to buy one weird thing you wouldn’t normally buy each time you go grocery shopping. It’s kind of a lite version of a CSA, in which you’re forced to cook with, like, a bucket of lumpy black radishes because that’s all that grows in New York most of the year.

Persimmons are a good weird grocery candidate right now; they’re in season, they’re unpopular, they’re cheap (five for two bucks), and they’re very good. 

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I wonder why they're unpopular.