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Marijuana kills brain cancer, study confirms

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I believe this might have been the type of tumor that caused Brittany Maynard to chose to "die with dignity". Because standard treatments are so ineffective, natural herbal remedies might have an easier time being taken seriously in research for this and other cancers.

Wow, marijuana is legitimate medicine:

Writing in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics this month, the team recounts how they decided to build on existing research that shows “cannabinoids have been shown to specifically inhibit glioma growth as well as neutralize oncogenic processes such as angiogenesis.”

The researchers wanted to boost the success of cannabinoids, so they investigated using THC and CBD both alone and in combination with radiation in a number of glioma cell lines.

Marijuana kills cancer cells in proportion to its dose and duration of treatment, researchers found, and whole plant cannabis rich in THC was more efficacious than pure, lab-grade THC alone.

Moreover, pre-treating cells with THC and CBD for four hours prior to irradiation increased the cancer-killing effects of radiation.

i KNEW it!

You knew that marijuana kills cancer cells?

yes.  deep in my heart.  <3

i've just been waiting for the scientists to provide evidence!!

now i'm thinking i might still have a chance at winning that 3 bucks in our wager for legalization across the nation by 2020...

We're certainly getting closer to legalization.

Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC legalized recreational marijuana this month.

Unfortunately Florida did not legalize medicinal marijuana this month. Only got 58% of the vote.

It would be a lot easier for scientists to prove things if marijuana were legal to research.

florida only needed 2% more!

apparently, the two calls i gave my friend and family to go vote had no effect.

More Floridians need to see the grandmas smoking weed for the first time video:

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