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What matters is how quickly you do what your soul wants. ~Rumi

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Together…a Jew, a Muslim, and a Christ follower…this is incidental to the story…

They each had a deep and personal knowledge of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. As they traveled they discussed many things and while they disagreed deeply on several finer points of faith and religion, they admired one another and learned from each other. Each had a secret way of being with the Mystery, unique and not to be judged.

Their journey was long and over the months their rations were greatly reduced to a single loaf of halva (a delicious Middle Eastern cake substance). Each looked hungrily at the halva, wishing it was his. They debated on how they could partake of the survival giving nourishment. Finally, being men of great faith, they agreed that they would go to sleep that evening and allow themselves to dream. Whoever, they said, had the deepest dream – the one of most significance – would receive the halva.

When they arose they shared their dreams. The Jewish man began by describing the journey of his soul: “I met Moses on the road to Sinai. There was an open door and light within light. Mt. Sinai and Moses and I merged into one and I realized that our lives are the fulfillment of the Law.” They all agreed that this was a true dream.

Then the Muslim sighed. “Muhammed came to me,” he said “and took me to a vast expanse in paradise…a pure and vast region of which there was no end… The Prophet told me that this was the reaches of my own soul…undefined and endless…” This was beautiful, each acknowledged.

Finally the follower of Christ spoke. “Jesus came to me and told me where you two had gone. ‘You wretch,’ he said, ‘you’ve been left behind! You may as well get up and eat something!”

They all erupted into laughter. “How could I disobey such glory?” asked the disciple.

“You’re right,” they say “Yours in the truest dream, because it had immediate effect in your waking life.”

What matters then is how quickly you do what your soul directs…this is the meaning of faith.

 ~An adaptation of an ancient parable of Rumi from the 13th century

What matters is how quickly you follow your intuition.

This is the meaning of life.

I've re-read this story several times.

Why do they not share the halva?

they do not share because one is a child molesting christian, one a greedy jew, and one a murderous muslim.  Just like in the real world, only a rational, kind, cruelty/suffering avoiding Atheist would be the one to share according to most immediate need and best and most equitable use in a cooperative and compassionate manner with input from and respect to all involved parties.  

Well, that's one interpretation.

I'd like to believe the Christian, Jew, and Muslim can practice being rational and kind as well.

They did not behave as such in your story and one quick look at the middle east and rest of the real world appears to me as overwhelming if not statistically significant proof that faith, meaning belief without evidence, is the root of many of the worlds problems and most of it's brutality.  See ZOMGitscriss on youtube and her Disproving God video,d.eWU for an intelligent explanation of why all believers in any god, let alone the ridiculous religions you mentioned, are simply ignorant, foolish and incorrect.

Thank you for the YouTube video, Markas:

I'm more of a live-and-let-live kind of person.

I don't criticize others for their beliefs; I just try to build my own understanding based on science, and logic, and evidence. Like you.

I found this page googling halva and dreams after having intense bizarre dreams caused by what I am speculating was a late night dinner of large amounts of tryptophan rich halva,  tofu, miso and shrimp, combined with megadose of B vitamins from nori and wakame seaweed, and bolstered by over a half gallon of mao inhibiting quercetin rich green tea. this multi ethnic meal just happened by chance without any nutritional forethought. Can anyone say accidental in vivo DMT & Ayahuasca factory!

PS - as one being born to non practicing jewish parents and also being one who does not actually believe in, nor perpetuate any stereotypes, I want to apologize for the greedy jew comment above.  It was only due to christians(catholics in particular) actually being child molesters  and radical muslims and the koran in general being murderous that I felt the need to attribute some negative characteristic as a good faith measure of almost equal fair treatment.  Any bigotry based on stereotypes was solely due to the nature of muslim, jew, christian story/joke I was commenting on; one that I would never tell myself and personally abhor both on general principal and also the fact that I AM GOD & THOU ART GOD! Do you grok?

And if Buddha crosseth my path, I will slay him immediately without hesitation or any dumb questions. or nonsense morality riddles.

Namaste to all with a sense of humor.

Markas, Buddha is probably thankful for the warning and will likely never cross your path.

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