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Puppy dog wakes up to his favorite Frozen song "Let It Go"

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I like how she yawns for Boom clap. "kids these days and their boring pop culture…wait is that frozen!?!?!?!?!"

LMAO -- you put into words exactly how the dog reacts. :)

I pulled that off Reddit.  :)

Yeah but it's funny reading it in your voice. 

Crazy eyes!

Crazy puppy eyes!

this is exactly what my aussie looked like when he heard one of his favorite songs!  i love the head and ear tilting.  :)

I love the head and ear tilting too. When an Aussie is featured in one of your books, you must give the dog that expression at some point in the story.

yes!  i must, indeed!!  every aussie owner will recognize it!

Remind me: Is there a Benny and Joone book planned?

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