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The Rich Are Different: They're Luckier | The New Republic

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"Even assuming that, there are massive advantages inherent simply in being born rich (and disadvantages in being poor.) My favorite example, simply because it's so dramatic, is that a child born into the lowest-earning quintile who manages to attain a college degree is less likely to be in the highest-earning quintile than a child born into the top quintile who does not attain a college degree. This is all the more remarkable when you consider that making it to, and through, college is far harder for poor kids than rich kids even at a given level of aptitude. (Two thirds of the kids with average math scores and low-income parents do not attend college, while almost two-thirds of high-income kids with average math scores do.)"

Ouch. An uphill battle to barely scrape even, no matter how scrappy you may by nature be.

What's astounding is that most Americans believe that anyone can rise into the highest earning quintile.

Most Americans are wrong.

I bet there could be quite a long list of things that over 50% Americans are wrong on.

A fun and depressing website could list all the things more than half of Americans get wrong. 

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