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Fasho is one of 14 Bay Area Slang Words We All Need To Start Using

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6. Fasho

‘Fasho’ may not have originated from the Bay, but I’ve never heard someone from NorCal use ‘definitely’, ‘okay’, ‘yes’, or ‘you’re welcome,’ so it’s a versatile word that’s used quite often. All of the following statements could precede the response ‘fasho’:

“I’ll be there in 5”, “Good looks”, and “Cool if I grab a drink from your fridge?”

Good looks, A.

Hella good looks Geege!

Yee. Hella.

Fasho!! :)


Found this while looking for fasho:

fasho meme

Apparently this is a thing.

fasho meme

The facial expressions are perfect.  :)

Haha, yes!

it's called fashion look it up

okay now I think that this isn't just NorCal.  Most of this has been in the SoCal Lingo for long enough to become passe.  I feel like I'm joking when I say "fasho" or "Hella",  the rest isn't AFAIK as far as I know used in

Some of this slang has spread.

But Hella definitely originated in NorCal:

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