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Puking Rainbows through Portal

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Just think how popular Portal would be if you could vomit rainbows via the Portal.

puking rainbows

Puking Rainbows are everywhere. I'm just gonna leave this here...

Puking Rainbows gif

Pandas puking rainbows is a meme.

pandas puking rainbows

BTW, I understand the appeal to 4chan about puking rainbows, but as an old schooler, I just wanted to note that the very first popular rainbow puke meme was in 1990 in Spike and Mike's Festival of Twisted Animation. One of the most popular was a short animation called "Technicolor Yawn" and was basically an animated figure puking rainbows.

It was so popular, they handed out barf bags for future shows in 1991-1995.

I love that 4chan's love of the technicolor yawn led to Reddit, then Tumblr, then Imgur and 9gag, spreading the meme.

Thanks for the origin story, Greg. A better origin story than Know Your Meme has, frankly.

I would love to vomit rainbows

Me too!

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