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About Zero Anthropology Inequality Through the Ages

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tl;dr : Inequality through the ages.

An anthropology against empire, and after empire. The anthropology of imperialism is a non-existent field within the academic discipline. On the other hand, imperialism is too important to be left to anthropology alone: this is one of the reasons why the approach here is about undoing and transcending the disciplinary divisions created by 19th-century European social science. Topics covered under the heading of the anthropology of empire include: neocolonialism and decolonization; regime change; PsyOps; militarization; securitization; neoliberalism; and, critiques of liberal humanitarianism and Eurocentrism.

The larger concerns we have are with the global system of inequality, the diffusion of social injustices, permanent war and imperial domination, and cultural colonization that work together to maintain an unsustainable system of mass consumption and an anti-democratic system of corporate domination.

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